Book Review: Face2Faith by Jenni Eden

Book Details:

File Size: 2562 KB
Print Length: 108 pages
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Publication Date: March 21, 2012
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Book Summary:

This is a book packed with amazing information. Not only does it cover subjects like the Law of Attraction, manifesting, visualizing, and faith, but it has over 50 full colour and vibrant illustrations, too. I have had a most amazing journey since I returned to painting in 2003. The Universe guided, protected, nurtured me, and gave me information on how to achieve my dreams as well as align me to people who could also help me with my goals and dreams. I now live a most charming life . . . [read more]

About the Author:

Jenni Eden is an Artist, Author, Singer and Life-Coach. Her inspirational Art is bold, energetic and dynamic, like the Artist herself. A highly successful and motivational speaker, Jenni engages her audience as she talks about her spiritual and Artistic journey. Jenni’s aim is to inspire and encourage others, to live the life of their dreams.

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Book Review:

The first thing readers must know about Face2Faith is that author, Jenni Eden, is a fantastic artist. Even in low resolution digital images, the mastery of her artwork shines through.

Part art book and part biography, Face2Faith is the spiritual journey of Jenni Eden as told through her artwork. Like most creative types, the author understands the struggles of being a working artist. Her story can be an example to all artists everywhere who are constantly in search of their north star. Especially to those who find their path only to continuously question if they are in fact in the right place . . . hint, hint . . . you are.

The author’s call to action is grounded in her deep spiritual faith. There is a strong New Age component to this book which may not be for everyone, but readers would be wise to focus on that which interests them and leave the rest on the back burner.

While her story and journey may seem complex, the core of her message is simple . . . she listens to her heart and lives her life in alignment with the Laws of Attraction and Creation. There are lots of references to New Age, metaphysical type books like Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversation’s With God, and the Oprah endorsed, über spirit101 guidebook The Secret, but the message and story are still her own, always returning to what she knows best—her art.

From a literary standpoint . . . is this one of the best books ever written? No, but like most biographies, it’s not bad either. In fact, it’s a compelling, intriguing read if you are willing to absorb it in its plain English approach.

Originally from the United Kingdom, but currently residing in Muscat, Oman, Jenni was inspired to write Face2Faith through her personal encounters with spirit as an offering of gratitude for her success. The goal is that Faith2Faith can be a template for all artists, singers, or anyone to use as a means to realize the success of their passions in the most personally fulfilling way.

The unique coupling of her artwork along with her spiritual journey are inextricable from each other. Some authors write for pure joy, others write to sell books, and some write books to sell and promote their ideas, businesses, and/or products. It feels as though Jenni Eden attempts to tackle all these initiatives in her first writing effort.

Although Face2Faith is not a long book, there is such an abundance of ideas and artwork that there’s almost a frenetic energy to the story. This infused energy to the author’s storytelling isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it inspires the reader to charge through to the end rather quickly.

In the final analysis, Face2Faith is all about the art. It would be wonderful to see a fixed layout digital book offering of her creations with accompanying side stories. This book is a good accomplishment, but the visual components of the book take Face2Faith to the next level.

This book was reviewed as part of the Wise Bear Digital Book Awards competition. Entry fees associated with the contest are administrative in nature and do not influence our honest, unbiased book reviews.


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