Book Review: Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide by Kate Redmond

Book Details:

File Size: 9.26 MB
Print Length: 170 pages
Publisher: Mequon Nature Preserve
Text-to-Speech: NA

Book Summary:

Our Field Guide is for you! Whether you’re leading a children’s group having their first encounters with the natural environment, a university student engaged in research or adults and families getting back in touch with nature, the field guide will broaden your perspective. It contains information and photographs that help to explain and describe MNP’s diverse ecological communities. However, for a true broadening experience, come and visit us. The Field Guide is only part of our story!

About the Author:

Kate Redmond is a teacher-naturalist who leads field trips in the Cedarburg Bog, teaches occasional classes at Riveredge Nature Center, and gives nature programs for area students, teachers, seniors, garden clubs, and nature centers. She is the author of “Browsing the Bog,” (UWM Field Station Bulletin Vol. 32, 2007) and of the e-newsletter series “Bug o’ the Week,” and is a founding Board member of the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog. Kate is passionate about wetlands, prairies, insects, photography, and writing; she lives near the Cedarburg Bog in Ozaukee County.

Book Review:

The Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide is an unconventional work of digital writing to review; yet it is so well done that we are happy to highly recommend this digital document for practical purposes as well as for its outstanding aesthetic design and layout. Primarily, The Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide is accessed via the organization’s website where it has been digitally embedded using a third-party publishing platform called Issuu. This a great example of one of the best uses of digital publishing in action, and other organizations, including for-profit corporations, could learn a lot from this model.

The Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide was designed to co-exist in harmony with the organization’s content-rich website, which is a well designed experience by itself. The guide book is easily expandable and visually scalable using the Issuu internal navigation control panel.

We also reviewed the field guide as a standalone PDF e-book and were impressed with this permutation of the professional design and layout which made the content easily accessible and informative. It’s important to note that the lack of a hyper-linked table of contents for the PDF version—which wasn’t as essential in the online version—made it a bit more difficult to navigate the text in terms of jumping from page to page. Most guide books are rarely read from cover to cover; however, the overall production quality is so outstanding that it is still rather easy to find what you are looking for, albeit manually, from section to section.

One other minor complaint was the rather muted guide book cover which was downright dowdy as compared to the rest of the layout. Perhaps some of the great photography embedded throughout the book could have also been re-purposed for the cover.

As good as the design and layout are, the content is even better. The Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide is well written and is full of terrific photos, maps, and other graphics which offer a comprehensive look at this nature preserve. The level of detail is amazing. This guide book has something for everyone whether you are interested in ecology, botany, or the cultural history of the area. The Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide covers everything you could possibly want to learn either before, during, or after your visit to this area. If the intention of this field guide is to attract more visitors and draw greater attention to this environmentally conscience area of Wisconsin, then The Mequon Nature Preserve Field Guide is a fantastic marketing tool which should undoubtedly do a superb job of enticing nature lovers and socially minded visitors from near and far.

This book was reviewed as part of the Wise Bear Digital Book Awards competition. Entry fees associated with the contest are administrative in nature and do not influence our honest, unbiased book reviews.


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