Podcast Guidelines

The Wise Bear Books, All Things Digital Podcast is a great way to promote yourself and your work as an independent author, blogger, or writer. If you are interested in doing a podcast with us, here are some basic steps to guide you through our review process.


We suggest you peruse the Wise Bear Books website, including our Wise Bear Books | Blog Talk Radio page to get a feel for our style and approach. We try to make our interviews light, friendly, and fun. We want your personality to shine for your audience as well as prospective readers.

Once you’re ready to submit a podcast request, go to the Request a Podcast page and complete the online form with as much detailed information as possible. Be sure to pay special attention to the required fields (indicated by a red asterisk) or the form can’t be submitted.

Although we are partial to fiction, we’re open to all interesting ideas so give us your best pitch!

We do respond to all submissions, but it may take a few days or longer to review your request and get back to you. How quickly we respond depends on the volume of submissions we have to consider so be patient.


If we accept your podcast request, we will send you an email requesting a time to schedule either a brief phone call or Skype video chat. If you don’t have Skype, we encourage you to get a free account. It’s our preferred method for connecting with associates. During that initial conversation, we may schedule a podcast time so be prepared with a few podcast date preferences.

Please Note: It’s important that we have some verbal communication prior to scheduling a show to ensure mutual show goals and chemistry between host and guest. Because the shows are live, we won’t put anyone on the air until a guest is properly checked out.

Once we schedule a show, we’ll need to receive a basic media kit from scheduled guests. We usually plan the shows a week or more in advance to give us time to receive and review all relevant materials including:

  • Copy of eBook, or relevant writing
  • Book Summary
  • Press Releases
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Author Bio
  • Author Photo
  • Book Cover Image
  • Link List (to buy book, relevant websites or blogs, positive reviews, book trailer videos, etc.)

After we receive your media materials, we send the scheduled guest a podcast confirmation sheet which may include a list possible questions to consider for your show preparation.


The podcasts are typically 30 minutes in length, depending on how much content you’d like to discuss. If you would like to invite friends, family, fans, etc. to listen or call in during your show, a guest call in number will be provided with your podcast confirmation sheet. We also notify our list of subscribers, but we cannot guarantee if or how many listeners will phone in or that there will be an audience specific to your target market.

If a guest needs to cancel a scheduled podcast, please give us as much notification as possible. We will do our best to reschedule. Please do not cancel a scheduled podcast within 24 hours as we will not be able to fill your spot. We understand if a guest gets sick or has a family emergency, but do your best to keep to your scheduled show. If a guest cancels a show within 24 hours of the scheduled show time without cause, Wise Bear Books will not reschedule the show. Please be respectful of our time. This is a free promotional opportunity for you so make the most of it!

Show guests need to call into the show 15 minutes prior to going live to receive final instructions from the host.

On show day please be prepared… find a quiet room in your home or office without distractions. It is highly advisable to have a glass of water close by in case you are thristy or get a tickle in your throat while speaking.


We create a video slideshow and post your interview at Wise Bear Books.com, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Eventually we will also post your podcasts on WordPress.com and Blogspot.com which are huge book loving communities.

Congratulations! You now have a promotional video to embed on your website/blog. Feel free to share your new interview with friends, family, and fans.

The media material you submitted will not be returned so please do not send original files!


We typically notify our various social media lists weekly about upcoming shows. If you would like to be featured in a pre-show personalized “Book Spotlight” post which is promoted via email marketing to our contact lists, we can do so for nominal fee of $47. This would cover the cost of one book. Additional book title promotions are $20 each. Our book centric lists have thousands of readers, writers, reviewers, as well as other book industry experts and is growing every day.

There is no obligation to purchase this service in order to request a FREE podcast. In fact, we’d like to feature every book and author we love, but there are only so many hours in the day. Organizing, sizing, posting, and marketing “Book Spotlights” are time consuming hence the nominal fee which represents more than a 50% discount from our typical web design/development fees.

There will continue to be no charge to be interviewed for the podcast. This is our way of supporting the independent digital writing community. We do, however, offer other opportunites for advertising on various Wise Bear websites as well as 15, 30, and 60 second ads within other podcasts. Contact us for more details and pricing.



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